Five SEO Steps For Professionals

Local SEO

If you are a localised business it will be necessary to keep your SEO strategy within your geographic location.

You want to be found easily by your existing client base, from referrals or new prospective customers.  Ignoring such a digital presence may reflect poorly and certainly counter future growth.

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Professional solutions

Leverage Social Media

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are essential marketing tools for any firm if that’s where your potential customers are.

If you are in specialist creative fields a Youtube, Pinterest or Flickr presence will be invaluable.

Some great copy-writing can pay dividends for you here, professionally done it can be yours to use and re-use as it’s your copyright saving time and money.

SEO techniques have progressed

Gone are the days when padding out your site with content and keywords were king say MotifSEO.com (hire our Manchester SEO firm)

Nowadays SEO ranking involves a different approach. The more elegant and streamlined website with user focused information has a better chance of ranking. A site over-optimised for SEO may fail to rank any further or at worst fall in ranking as SEO algorithms have been designed to detect over-optimisation.

A well thought out strategy is necessary as it can take time for your site to rank well as bear in mind that there are over a billion websites and counting.

You really need a website

Just relying on social network sites to promote your business can lead to confusion for any search engine. It’s not enough to rely on Linkedin, Facebook or a blog to locate your business, as problems can stem from outdated contact details.

You need a point of reference which is your own website, and the longer that site is established the more chance of enhanced page ranking, simply down to web traffic.

In-house SEO, Out source or both?

If you are lucky enough to have an employee knowledgeable in SEO – that may be sufficient in enhancing your site rankings and social media profiles. However you may find that a specific employee may not yield the results you need and find outsourcing SEO more in line to your marketing requirements.

Or perhaps a balance of both internal and external services may be ideal – it pays to investigate your options prudently.

Some background reading on SEO can prove invaluable, here’s an interesting short guide.

Simple observations such as your short-listed SEO agency’s own ranking profile and customer base are good indicators.

However the cost of using such high profile services has to be considered against time taken to rank your site, often taking over six months to progress.

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